Declaration of Industrial Revolution

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  • Declaration of Industrial  Revolution

Declaration of Industrial Revolution

January 3, 2002

RAYDENT nucreal Advanced technology is an Industrial revolution

If a machinery engineer is able to express his or her dreams freely on the surface of a machinery part, just like a painter draws his or her own dream freely on canvas, the part will no longer be a mere product of a metal and machinery processing, but an “organic body” composed of the engineer’s characteristics or dreams.

 While pursuing the “dreams” of mankind, that is, creation of parts with overwhelming technological advantages, the RAYDENT Nucreal Advanced Technology (originated by Ken Ogawa in 1964) actually examines and demonstrates potentialities of the technology. This is a miracle in the history of the world’s industry.

 Because it forms alloy-diffusion layers inside material metals based on knowledge and insight, I believe that this technology will realize an innovative future in the ideas of material engineering and industrial technologies.

 In general, our parts and machinery products are given this surface improvement processing according to engineers’ complicated “intentions,” so they are different by far from those from other manufacturers. Since it is very difficult for people to read such “intentions” out of the film material, our customers are given unique opportunities to feel great satisfaction. Therefore, we no longer need to develop exclusive, cut-throat sales activities by competing in prices and other conditions. Instead, we are enjoying adequate profitability, which provides management and our colleagues with a certain sense of security and stability. This technology is sure to result in more comfortable communities and homes, as a proverb says, “No stable mind without stable possessions” (by Mencius).

 On the other hand, the human “personality” led by the principle of this technology is the activity of the human spirit, the highest and the most respectful activity. This can also be called the principle of wisdom. So correctly developing this principle (RAYDENT’s life philosophy) will realize a society where people “respect each other” not only in interpersonal relationships, but also at home, inside businesses, in inter-business relation and in the entire community.

 Just like the human “spiritual life” (personality) has created the ever-changing real world based on the principle of yin-yang and responsiveness to changes, RAYDENT Nucreal Advanced Technology free from factors of conflicts, is showing the road (method) to a peacefully coexistent, extended-family society for the first time in human history, though the technology is also based on the human “personality.”

 Thus a new ideal society is emerging centering on pure respect for and the dignity of the industrial technology. This is the reason why I call our technology the “World’s Industrial Revolution.”